It was wonderful! I had my first horseshop last week with Nanci, a donkey named Lilly, and three horses: Mae, Mama, and Libby. I went in with an open heart and mind, but I was skeptical. Skepticism quickly gave way to awe. Nanci’s positive energy is contagious. Her insight and intuition combined with the sensitivity and personalities of the equines made for an incredibly powerful, almost magical experience. If you’re even thinking of taking a horseshop with Nanci, stop thinking and just do it -HC


So, go ahead – ask me what I did yesterday? 🙂 Okay, I’ll tell ya – I had a Horseshop at the Highpoint! OMG it was the most insightful and empowering session I could have ever asked for! The horses were so gentle yet their messages were powerful! Nanci was more helpful than I could have ever asked or expected her to be. We dug deep down – we laughed, we cried and it was very empowering. Thank you Nanci Beyerl I have my homework and I’m ready to set this world on fire! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

From Leslie

As I settle back into my own herd and the rhythms of my life; I reflect on my time spent at Peaceful Acres and I am grateful for the time I spent with your herd,their rhythms and yours. I feel empowered with the lessons I learned while I was at the farm. I feel blessed to have been able to step through the gates and roam freely; my heart taking in the lives and purpose of each being there. To others: If your heart longs for the gentle breath of wisdom from the divine beauty from the heart of the horse; go! Go quietly, go wildly,go lonely, go searching, go openly and willingly! embrace the spirit of the horse! It is truly a gift! Blessings to all. I have been given a gift. Thank you.


Beautiful experience to watch the horse speak with you using their body language. I would go again and again. So amazing.  ~ DB


I absolutely love horses and being a Caregiver with Peaceful Acres Horses. When Nanci told me about the HorseShop at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres I didn’t know what to really expect. Nanci held the space and it was an awesome experience. My own ‘Mind Puddles’ brought Luna and her grounding energy. As she pressed her head to my arm I relaxed and listened. Feeling her loving energy allowed me to open up to recognizing the root of my fears and work to release them. Horses do have messages if we are willing to hear them. I want to do another session and I highly encourage you to schedule your Horse Shop. Thank you Nanci and Luna  ~ KM


As I finished my morning feeding, I knew the next few hours would be a different kind of horse time. Horse feeding is not thinking about energy sharing with the horses but quick interactions and observations; assessing them and providing basic food and water. Although my horse session was with a group, it was personal and provided one-on-one time with the horses and Nanci. Besides what I wanted to bring forward to share with the horses- the life issues others needed clarity about could be generalized to everyone’s life. Energy- if you are reading this you already know that some horses have insightful energy! If you have ever had that special dog that just “knows” like my Sam, – it’s the same with some horses. During my individual time with the intuitive teachers, it was obvious that one in particular was guiding me. He kept moving me away from my fear- 3 times. He was not content if I returned to what I identified as my fear space. I am not generally an emotional sharing person. This exercise brought me out of my comfort zone- which is a good thing The workshop was a wonderful experience and I have learned how better to handle my long-term fears. I will see his face and know I am OK. Thank you Nanci

From KC

The first time I went to The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres I knew it was a place I wanted to return to. After attending Women Find Your Whinny for several weeks now, I am finding a clarity in my life’s purpose that I had been seeking for years. The horses just have a special way of offering hope and friendship. I recommend to women that they attend WFYW and workshops, it’s well worth the drive to Pattersonville!

From SK

At The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres I have found the ability to rest and restore, something I have been needing to do for years. The horses and the setting are inviting, beautiful and friendly.

From LC

The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres, Nanci, and, of course, the stars (the horses) have created the most magical and peaceful healing space that I’ve ever experiences. Attending the Tuesday night Whinny’s has transformed my life in ways that were completely unexpected. I have been able to manifest creative energy to attracting new jobs, new friends (and old) and have learned what it means to be truly loving to myself and those who I serve in my professional life.

From CH

Still processing from last night’s Whinny. I’m grateful to be able to share this time with compassionate, thoughtful women, wise and intuitive horses and spectacular sunsets at The High Point.

From Karen

I highly recommend Nanci Beyerl’s Master Your Mind with Horses program for anyone thinking about making a change to live their purpose filled life and start a new chapter. I started the program in May and am now in the graduate group. I have the first clients for my new business and am on my way. Do it for yourself! Do it for your future! You deserve it! Manifest your dreams.