Find Your Whinny

When Horses Speak we all listen, well at least we should.

Over the years “Women Find Your Whinny” has been offered at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres as an empowering and soul inspired program that sparks the heart to seek improved joy, peace, inspiration and purpose.

Through the wisdom of the horses, messages are heard that allow our imaginations to become alive with creativity and our minds to be re-aligned toward purpose-filled living.

Women Find Your Whinny now is offered as an on-line Master Your Mind With Horses Course to all of my amazing SoulSisters who live out of town or state and wish to access the power of this incredible, life inspiring – empowering work.

If you are ready to lean in and invest in yourself to improve your joy, peace, inspiration, prosperity and purpose-filled living, Women Find Your Whinny is the program for you!

What is offered:
1) Six weeks of individual – online Empowerment Coaching
2) Group Zoom Calls with women just like you who are ready to embrace a Life Of Purpose and leave their mindsets and habits that are no longer serving them in the dust!
3) Remote HorseShop Work and YES Horse-Time Homework
4) Graduates will also be accepted into Master Your Mind with Horses Grad Group and encouraged to “Market Themselves and Their New Equine Businesses to The Empowered By Horses Group page, reaching thousands of Horse-loving Women. ( if that is your focus within the program, more on that once you apply and are accepted into the course).

To apply to Master Your Mind with Horses / Women Find Your Whinny course, please schedule your FREE Breakthrough call with me, Nanci Beyerl, by going to my call schedule link:

Women Find Your Whinny is the ideal option if traveling to NY is just not in your travel plans. If you choose after you begin your course to access your HorseShops here at The HighPoint, you may schedule your HorseShop Retreat with us. ~ we have a beautiful cabin and a retreat house for your comfort, yurts too.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to Activate and Actualize Your Purpose-filled Life!

Hugs and Horses,

Nanci Beyerl, MSW
Founder and Empowerment Coach at HorsePowered Empowerment

The 2018 Find Your Whinny experience is offered on Full Moon Evenings from 6:00 – 8:30 ( some evenings are extended. Please do not plan another event in your schedule after a Whinny. )
Please mark your calendars: Full Moon ~ Find Your Whinny at The HighPoint

  • Sunday April 29
  • Tuesday May 29
  • Thursday June 28
  • Friday July 27
  • Sunday Aug 26
  • Monday September 24
  • Wednesday October 24

Individual HorseShop

Please pre-register for Find Your Whinny by emailing Once I receive your email I will tell you more of what you need to bring with you to your Whinny and I will send you your registration.

The horses and I look forward to meeting you at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres.

Location: 3764 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137 ( Schenectady County)